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About Us
The Last Doorway Show is about paying homage to the Horror fanatics and film makers.
Any Director's, Models, Artists, etc will have a chance to show off what they are made of in the Horror Genre.
The episodes will play your Horror shorts by aspiring Filmmakers. Along with any information they
can provide us about they’re production.
We will also be interviewing anyone involved in the genre.
If you would like to have your short film shown on the show or your a Horror Artist, Musician, etc,
who would like to be heard let us know. EmailMiss Misery for more details.
Miss Misery John Gillette Dylan Walsh
Miss Misery
Owner of Last Doorway Productions Actress, Model, Director Hostess
John Gillette
Co Owner of Last Doorway Productions
Camera, Editor, Musician, Web Designer
Dylan Walsh
Co Host of The Last Doorway Show
Actor, PA
Adam Richardson  
Adam Richardson
Photography, Grip, Transportation